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Message from CEO

“Pioneering Stem Cell-based Gene Therapy

Gene therapy has been presenting itself as a strong candidate in addressing intractable diseases, but in reality, bio-logistical problem of delivering genes to the site of interest in vivo still remains as a formidable challenge.

We, CelleBrain, have developed a platform technology utilizing mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) as gene carriers. These MSCs, loaded with therapeutic genes, migrate towards cancer and damaged tissues, functioning as in vivo bioreactors actively secreting pharmaceutical substances. Our platform enables off-the-shelf formulations with allogeneic cells, offering affordable treatment options and extending the benefits of this groundbreaking therapy to a larger patient population. Committed to leveraging cutting-edge platform technologies, we aim to pioneer enhanced treatments and contribute to a brighter world where no patient is left suffering.

Haeyoung Suh-Kim